What is A.I. Art Stock?

A.I. Art Stock is a site that distributes AI-generated images as free materials.
It is an experimental free material site, and it is unknown if there is any demand for it.

It is recommended for those who are considering using AI as a tool and are interested in what kind of images it can generate.

All the illustrations published on this site are newly generated by the site operator using AI as a tool on its own. After they are generated, minor modifications are made.
Some illustrations have been slightly modified after generation. We plan to add new images on an irregular basis.
(Note: As of 11/2/2022, about 7,300 images are available.)
Anyone can generate an unlimited number of similar images using open-source AI, but we believe that the probability of others generating exactly the same image by coincidence is infinitesimally low.

The quality of the images may vary, and the generated images may have broken shapes of people or wobbly lines (especially for artifacts).
We leave them as samples of AI-generated landscapes even if they are not practical.

All images are subject to replacement or removal without notice.
The materials on this site may be used free of charge. Please refer to the Terms of Use for details.

Please note that we cannot answer questions about the AI system used for generation, prompts or preferences.

About the administrator of this site

I usually do apps and system development, etc. It is run by an individual who does something completely different from AI and web management.

AI image generation was just started two weeks before we created this site.
At first, I felt indescribably happy to see AI excel in creative areas rather than in hard work.
However, after generating more than 10,000 images to see the power of AI, we found that there are areas where AI outperforms and humans outperform, and we feel that AI has many challenges and is still not as good as humans.

A.I. Art Stock managed by lonpel